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Monday, 30 October 2017

Latest and new Hindi Short Films released in this year

Latest and new Hindi Short Films: Every Year many  Hindi Short Films were added in Youtube and some other website like Smashplex and shortfundly. Here in this post, we have uploaded some latest Hindi Short Films and in our previous post we have listed Hindi Comedy Short Films.

Latest and new Hindi Short Films released in this year:

Here are some latest Hindi Short Films released in this year and they are.

  1. Chutney
  2. Carbon: A Story of Tomorrow
  3. One Night Stand
  4. Girl on Heels
  5. Kissss
  6. Kunal
  7. Girl In Red


Chutney is a new short film released in this year. Chutney had occupied 4th place in IMDB for top short films in India. As we said that many short films and web series are presented by Well Known goods Chutney short film is presented by Royal Stag.

Carbon: A Story of Tomorrow:

Nawazuddin Siddiqui after many years he had acted in a Hindi Short Film and the name of the film is Carbon. Carbon Short film was released in this year and in very less time carbon short film had reached 6 Million views on Youtube.

Girl on Heels:

Girl on Heels is another short film after carbon to cross 6 Million views. This story is based on a girl who wants to be a model and the situation what she faces is Girl on Heels. 


one couple elopes from their respective houses as their parents are against them getting married. They take shelter at there friend, Mihir's place. Mihir, who meets Ichcha for the first time is enchanted with her beauty. He is wondering why the family is against their marriage. Watch to find out the mystery behind.

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Young girl Payal gets forcefully married to an older man Yashwant, who mistreats her. But her stepson, Kunal cares for her.  All three are fighting for their existence. That story takes an unexpected turn and the remaining we have to watch Kunal Short Film.

Girl In Red:

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