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Monday, 30 October 2017

Best Comedy and funny Hindi Short Films you will laugh definitely while watching

Best Comedy and Funny Hindi Short Films: Many people when they are bored they search for some of the best comedy and funny Hindi Short Films. Here in this post, we have uploaded some of the Best Hindi Comedy Short Films. There are many Funny Short Films in Hindi but here we have filtered and uploaded some of the best funny Short Films in Hindi all the short films which are uploaded on our website has more than one million views in on Youtube Till date they are top on best comedy short films in Hindi. In our previous post we have listed some of the Best Indian Short Films.

Best Comedy and funny Hindi Short Films you will laugh definitely while watching:

Here are the Best Comedy Short Films in Hindi.
  1. Crazy Housewife
  2. Kaun Ho Bhai
  3. Job Interview
  4. Cratch
  5. Haircut
  6. Dilli Vala Dost
  7. WTF(What The Fart)

Crazy Housewife:

This is one of the best comedy short films in Hindi. In the name itself, we can understand that some of the funny problems faced by husband when he has got Crazy Housewife like her. Duration of this film is 10 Mins and it has got 900k views on Youtube.

Kaun Ho Bhai:

Kaun Ho Bhai is one of the ultimate comedy short films in Hindi. In less time this movie had crossed 100k viewed and now it has crossed 220K views.

Job Interview:

There are many comedy short films based on Interview, Exam and Viva. Among all Job Interview is one of the best it has got more views on youtube. Job Interview short film duration is about 5 Minutes and it has got 500k views on Youtube.


Cratch is a new comedy short film released 2 weeks ago. Cratch Short film is presented by Pocket Films. Pocket Films had presented many short films.


The haircut is one of the best comedy short films in India. This short film is based upon Haircut. Haircut Short Film is about if a common go to the biggest saloon shop in city what will happen. It has got 6.5 Million Views on Youtube. 

Dilli Vaala Dost:

Dilli Vala Dost, the new story on the block, is a short film based on a married couple in Mumbai, who faces the uncomfortable situations when an unexpected friend from Delhi lands at their place.  If you want to see more Comedy Hindi Short Films then Visit Hindi Comedy Short Films

WTF(What the Fart):

Couple on a date talks about marriage, career and life in a funny way. Visit Hindi Short Films for more updates like this.

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