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Monday, 30 October 2017

Award winning and inspiring short films in Hindi to watch

Award-winning Hindi Short Films: There are many award-winning short films in India. Here in this post, we have listed some of the best and latest award-winning short films. There are short films which makes you inspire and motivates. Here we have listed only 6 award-winning short films we can get many short films from Youtube and many other websites like Smashplex. In our previous post we have listed Latest Hindi Short Films.

Award-Winning and inspiring short films in Hindi to watch:

If you are searching for the Award-winning short film in India then you have came to correct place here we have listed some of the Best short films in Hindi
  1. Tamas
  2. Kunal
  3. Daulat
  4. Aaeena
  5. Marad
  6. Teaspoon


Tamas is the only short film to get 2 international awards Not Only international awards it has got one national award. Tamas short film is about how wife hides secrets from the husband.


In our previous post, we have said that Kunal had crossed 1 Million views in less than 3 months and also got many awards. All the story revolves around the girl name called Payal. Young girl Payal gets forcefully married to an older man Yashwant, who mistreats her. But her stepson, Kunal cares for her.  All three are fighting for their existence. 


Daulat is the perfect short film which shows the important of job in Middle class family and students who are jobless after completion of graduation. Daulat had got 8 national awards in the previous year. 


Aaeena is one of the best emotional short films. Aaeena has got 2 awards one is international award and another one is the national award. Aaeena short film is about a mother who gets into a situation where she has to choose between motherhood and womanhood.


Marad is one of the best motivating short films for people who drink alcohol. Many of them realized the effect of alcohol by watching Marad short film. It has got 2 million views on youtube and many shares in social media sites like facebook, whats app and twitter.

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In the year 2016 Teaspoon short film had collected exact 10 awards. Rajiv, wife Kavita, and Rajiv’s father live in an apartment. Rajiv works as an Insurance agent and he travels. Kavith will be at Home as she cannot leave her paralytic father-in-law alone. Also, a habit that Kavita hates is the manner in which the old man summons her. He mulishly hangs on to a Teaspoon, which he uses to bang on the bedpost to call her.

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