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Monday, 30 October 2017

7 Best interesting Web Series in India to watch, Web Series which has more views on youtube

7 Best interesting Web Series in India to watch:  If you are really bored by watching Hollywood and Bollywood stuff now its time to change. In India, there are many good web series. Here in this post, we have given some of the best and top web Series in India which has more views in Youtube and may other websites. From the last 2 years, many filmmaker productions in Television had started there own web series which is telecasted in Youtube and some other websites. Nowadays many of the people are following good Web Series in India. 7 Best interesting Web Series in India to watch, Web Series which has more views on youtube and many other websites like TVF, VIU and Smashplex.

7 Best interesting Web Series in India to watch, Web Series which has more views on youtube:

Some best Indian web series is presented by well-known goods like One Plus, Lakme and Tanishq. Youth and children are the ones who attract more to Web Series. many of them watch English web series now in India there many good Hindi Web Series. Here are the 7 Best Interesting Indian Web Series. 

  1. Pitchers
  2. Man's World
  3. Alisha
  4. Tripling
  5. A.I.SHA
  6. I Don't watch TV
  7. Permanent Roommates
These are the top and best 7 Indian Web Series. Among all these 7 web series 3 are from TVF and remaining 4 we can watch on Youtube. 

TVF Pitchers:

Top Indian Web Series in Hindi
TVF Pitchers

TVF Pitchers is one of the Best Indian Web Series Till Date. Pitchers were the first Indian Web Series which has got the name in IMDB'S top 25 Web Series to watch. Pitchers is all about 4 members who quit their job to enter in entrepreneur world. The first season of Pitchers was released in 2015 and now in December 2017 Season 2 will be released. 

Man's World:

Top Hindi Web Series
Man's World

Man's World is one of the best and interesting Hindi Web Series. In this web series, they show us if the world was opposite like changing roles between men and women. All the episodes in Man's World are same. At present generation what all the problems faced by women will be faced by men and the story revolves around that men. There are many best web series if you want to know about that then visit Indian Web Series


Indian Web Series

Alisha is one of the best Mysterious Web Series. The story of this web series is about Alisha who travels from Los Vegas To Mumbai to make a big change in Fashion Industry. This Web Series is taken from a novel. 


Indian Web Series

Tripling is other Web Series from TVF. Tripling is based upon 3 Siblings who go for a trip. But the trip was not planned according to the circumstances and their problems they go for a trip. All the 3 siblings have there own problems Jobless, Divorce and Unstable Marriage. 


Sci-fi Web Series in Hindi to watch

A.I.SHA was one of the best Sci-Fi Web Series in India. It is all about a web developer and the artificial intelligence created by him.

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I Don't Watch Tv:

Comedy Web Series In Hindi
I Don't Watch TV

I Don't Watch TV web series is about the life of Television star. This web series is same like as Jeopardy American Television Show. Web Series further shows the twisted world of television.

Permanent Roommates:

Love Web Sseries
Permanent Roommates

Permanent Roommates is also another web series from TVF. This web series follows the story of a couple who have been in a long distance relationship for the past three years and now when they finally meet, the prospect of marriage awaits for them.

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